Sheldon at Food Lion

Church Hill Food Lion store manager David Derrick, left, officially presented Of One Accord ministry director Sheldon Livesay the ‘Lion Heart’ award, which recognizes agencies with outstanding food pantries.

CHURCH HILL — The Rogersville-based Of One Accord ministry was recognized on Thursday by the Food Lion grocery store chain as the most outstanding agency in its service area that distributes food.

On Thursday, ministry director Sheldon Livesay officially accepted the “Lion Heart” award at the Church Hill Food Lion store, although he said the credit goes to his superb staff, and most of all God.

Of One Accord operates food pantries in Rogersville, Church Hill and Sneedville. The ministry also provides hot meals to the elderly, Christmas food boxes to the needy and ordinarily summer lunches to children, although the Lunch Box program was delayed this summer due to a manpower shortage.

Livesay was nominated for the Lion Heart award by NE Tennessee Second Harvest Food Bank director Rhonda Chafin.

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One Accord ministry director Sheldon Livesay received the "Lion Heart" award Thursday from the Food Lion grocery store chain which recognizes agencies with outstanding food pantries.

The “Lion Heart” award recognizes an individual who demonstrates outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating groups of donors and volunteers for Food Lion Feeds’ hunger-relief projects to benefit partner food banks.

“Caring for our neighbors in the towns and cities we serve is core to everything we do at Food Lion, so it’s important for us to honor and thank our community partners who share that care and commitment for our communities,” said Jennifer Blanchard, director of community relations at Food Lion. “Far too many of our neighbors remain food insecure, and unfortunately that’s only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, our hunger-relief partners continue to innovate and adapt to meet the rising challenges, and we’re proud to support their efforts and recognize some of the many individuals, organizations and Food Lion associates who are leading the charge to help feed more neighbors in need.”

Livesay started with a small food pantry in his spare bedroom in 1988, but over the past 33 years his operation has expanded to 20 programs distributing more than $5 million in goods and services delivered annually to approximately 100,000 people.

In 2020, Of One Accord distributed 1.5 million pounds of food in Hawkins and Hancock counties.

About 80,000 pounds of that came from Food Lion’s “nearly out of date” produce, meat and bakery items.

The ministry also benefits from Food Lion’s annual grants for food purchases, and a $5,000 food pantry make- over that was awarded to Of One Accord two years ago which included a new freezer and shelving.

“We’re so honored at Of One Accord to receive something like this,” Livesay told the Times News on Thursday. “In our opinion, all of this is teamwork. There’s no ‘I’ in it. It doesn’t recognized just me, but it recognize what a team of folks does through the help of God. At the end of the year we sort of stand back and say, yeah we did a little bit, but look at all the results. We have to realize that we do our little bit. God does a big bit, and together it serves a lot of folks right here in Hawkins County.”

{span style=”color: #000000;”}{span style=”color: #000000;”}{span style=”color: #000000;”}{span style=”color: #000000;”}Livesay said he also wants to thank the Lord for the privilege of allowing him and his team to serve Hawkins County for more than three decades.

“This (award) doesn’t represent a person,” he added. “It represents teamwork. It’s all of the folks who work as volunteers. All of the folks who do any of our programs. It all goes together to represent what we received, but then we turn that upwards and give all the honor to God for giving it to us.”{/span}{/span}{/span}{/span}

Rogersville, TN

June 17, 2021

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