Jeff Bezos blasts into space on own rocket: 'Best day ever!'

After returning from their trip to space, Oliver Daemen, Jeff Bezos, Wally Funk and Mark Bezos, from left, pose for photos in front of the rocket that landed safely after their launch from the spaceport near Van Horn, Texas.

We asked our Facebook friends for a word or phrase to describe the space trips by billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Below are some of their responses.

Joshua Dylan Wilcox

“Ive literally ran out of ideas to spend my billions on”

Karen J Hutson


Liesa Jo Jenkins

Ego trip

Dan Gramer

A new era. This type of spacecraft has been in the works since at least 1995, and took WAY longer than expected.

Brian Archer

All the rich kids are doing it.

Julie Blazer Holt


Tony King

I think what we did 52 YEARS AGO TODAY was much cooler.


Alice Alesia Bennett

It was unreal. just like a futuristic movie or a very expensive carnival ride.

Laura Wilson Springer


Sara Mullins

New Space Age

Ashley Clark

It didn’t look like a rocket shipLacey Robinson

One giant leap for a man and one small step for mankind.

Anne Tolley

Happy for Wally Funk!

Joyce Mills

Money waisted again!!!

Jamie Anders Tipton

Happy for the folks involved, the future is wide open

Kimberly Sigmon


Fleda Kern


Debbie Doxstader Dunn

Dollywood ride for the rich and famous.

Michael Callahan


Lorie Keller


Jason Salley

History made in the pursuit of commercial space travel. Truly amazing to see in my lifetime!

Ron Castle

Carbon footprint, OK for the wealthy?

Jennifer Absher Patterson

Waste of money!

Travis Dickenson

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Cathy Stokes Anderson


Sherry Rickards


Jodi Just

Money CAN buy happiness!

Kathy Dickenson

Money wars

Gertrude Johnson


Tamara McClellan

Must be nice to have money

Jerome N Angie

Man, I’ve bought a lot of crap from Amazon!

Jonathan Case

You’ll never see this happen in a socialist or communist country. Period.

Connie Gilley Boling

So many homeless, hungry and medically in need for someone to spend this kind of money on this show of wealth ...

Glenda Adkins Miles


Anna SighSki

Spoiled children.

Dreama Fields Anderson

This is a reason to tax the rich even more. There are many hungry children that they could feed with this wasted money!

David Alvis

They preach about lower carbon emissions and reducing our footprint while they do stunts like this and have footprints 100s of times larger than that of average citizens. Hypocrites!!

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