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When I announce I am thinking of taking up knitting to unwind and relax, family members look at me like I said I am going skydiving.

Some of the neighbors go all out for Halloween with spiderwebs dangling from trees, inflatable green-eyed monsters in the front yard, and skel…

Fall is the perfect time for sitting, pondering and reflecting, particularly in front of a fire.

It took me two days to watch a documentary that was an hour and 15 minutes long. "School of Housewives" was slow, but good.

After returning from the state fair, I'm not sure if I should pop into a Catholic Church and make a confession or create an online account for Weight Watchers.


I have often seen people in large groups wearing shirts emblazoned with the name of their family reunion and wondered what possessed them to draw such attention to themselves. A few weekends ago, I became one of those people.