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Bristol, Tennessee's Parks and Recreation Department is registering for an adult 5-on-5 basketball league as well as a pickleball league for players of all ages.

We want to hear from you. How has the growing methamphetamine and fentanyl crisis hit home with you? Contact us at

Habakkuk asked God why He was going to allow a more evil nation to destroy his own, and God answered him. Today, believers are questioning why…

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God won’t give us more than we can handle. It’s a common misconception that He prevents disasters and tough times from affecting our lives.

Twin Springs’ football media day, scheduled for Wednesday, was postponed because of coronavirus contact tracing, Titans coach Keith Warner said Tuesday.

Are you like Jacob who struggled against God and His will, refusing to surrender because of your perceived independence? If you cannot wholeheartedly submit to God, be prepared to receive a “limp.”

The phrase “throwing stones” (or “casting stones”) comes from the biblical event in which the Pharisees dragged an adulterous woman (but not the man) before Jesus to be stoned. Jesus told the accusers that whoever was without sin could be the first to throw a stone at her. They all left. And without condemnation, Jesus told the woman to leave her life of sin.