It has been a strange and amazing start to springtime here in East Tennessee. Record-breaking high and low temperatures, severe rainstorms with flooding and even some snow showers. Marty Silver, park ranger at Warriors Path State Park, recently took some photos of spring’s start. We thank him for sharing those with the Times News. Clockwise from top left: Look whooooo was out in broad daylight. Park officials were surprised to see (and hear) two barred owls out in the middle of a recent warm spring afternoon. Spring’s longer days also wake up the ‘courting instinct’ in wild turkeys. It looks like the females are not impressed. Slider turtles spent most of the winter sleeping in the bottom of the lake. But they’re awake now and enjoying some sunshine. A chubby-looking cottontail looks like it has been feasting on violets. No one could accuse a Polyphemus moth of being dull-colored. These large silkworm moths spend the winter in their cocoons, hatch in early spring, and only live (as adults) for about a week.