The East Tennessee Constable Association, representing duly elected constables, would like to respond to your editorial on constables and set the record straight.

Most people elected to the office of constable are honorable, dedicated and volunteer for their work. A constable must attend a 40-hour class after being sworn in. They complete 40 hours inservice training each year thereafter.

They must take firearms training and be certified on the firearm they carry. They must pass a written test to hold office. 

Some constables have been in office for many years, serving faithfully and proudly without fear or favor.  

Every occupation may at times have someone get outside the scope of the law, but you don't condemn all for the act of one. In this day and time with so much violence in our country, we need all the law enforcement we can get.

The presence of patrol cars and uniformed officers reduces crime and often stops crimes before they are committed. 

Robert Kent Harris

President, East Tennessee Constable Association

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