Do you have one of those family members who is always causing chaos when the family makes plans? They complain, make trouble, tantrum, etc., until the family ultimately does what the person wants the family to do. After that this person is all smiles and reconciliation and expects the rest of the family to act accordingly. This is how I see the Democrat Party now that the election is over.

The Democrats and their supporters have conspired for the last four years to destroy a duly elected president because the American people finally had the temerity to elect someone outside of the government as president. Then things got good, economically good, for almost everybody because this outsider was a businessman used to doing things efficiently, not wasting tons of resources just because they were there.

The liberal progressives used the COVID-19 pandemic as a weapon to divide Americans and then accuse their opponents of doing just that. Their co-conspirators in the media were invaluable in this scam and brilliantly successful. The least thoughtful among us fell for it, and Joe Biden is president. 

Now Republicans are just supposed to roll over and make nice. To unify. Obama famously said elections have consequences. This one may have the most destructive consequences in world history.

F. Bond Porter Jr.