There was a letter in the Times News Oct. 5 titled "People Are Not Black Or White." People are like houses. If one was to go outside their house and look around, they would see houses of different shapes, designs and colors. Sometimes one can make a pretty good guess as to the character of the people who live in the house by what one sees outside the house.

People come in different shapes, sizes and colors, but those are only the houses that we live in. You don't see the real person until you have spent some time and conversation with them. You see the person by the way they conduct themselves, by their conversation, and how they carry themselves.

When God made man, He said let Us (the Trinity) make man in Our image, which He breathed into the clay, and man became a living soul. So we humans don't really have a color because we are spirits, and spirits are invisible living in a visible body.

Dr. Martin Luther King said it best when he said "Do not judge me by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character."

Danny Huff Sr.


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