Wow! Thanks for the excellent coverage of the pervasive and complex issues of drugs in our area that has earned us the nickname "Meth Mountain."

Defining the problem well is the best way to make progress in working on solutions. Your series in the Kingsport Times News is very helpful to raise our awareness of how bad it really is with data to support that it is getting worse.

I appreciate the graphics that depict Tennessee as having 3,497 deaths from overdose of the 97,990 in the USA. The increase in 2021 from 2020 is 48%! I wonder if this increase is related to open borders?

I would appreciate the Times News creating a "dashboard" of metrics that keeps us up on this topic so that this is not just a snapshot story, but one of ongoing concerns of the public, or in my opinion should at least be one.

Thanks to you and your staff of reporters. Usually such bad news appearing on the front page is about an issue or event someplace else. Thanks for the wake-up call!

Keep us posted. 

Nick Grabar


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