Letters to the Editor

Our area is known for a lot of things (Pal’s, Cheerwine and Morgan Wallen just to name a few), but we’re also known for our values: integrity, hospitality and faith. As someone who was born and raised in our district, I hold these values very close to my heart, and this August we should elect someone who truly represents them. As the election for our district’s U.S. House representative approaches, there is only one candidate who really embodies East Tennessee values: Diana Harshbarger.

My relationship with Diana extends far beyond her campaign. As a student at Higher Ground Baptist Church, Diana was involved with the youth and taught my Sunday School class. Even on my worst mornings, Diana was always there to greet me with a smile and a warm embrace. When we met with Diana on Sunday morning, we left our worries at the door and listened to her teach the Word. She cared for my class as if we were her own children, and she fostered an environment of openness and honesty.

Diana often humored us with anecdotes about her family and work, and she always emphasized the importance of loving our neighbors as ourselves. Now, she is turning her words into actions by running to represent and serve our district. We need to elect a representative who fights for us and supports our community. That is why I am proud to support Diana Harshbarger for Congress, and when August arrives, I hope you will too.

Brandi Simmons

Church Hill

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