In my opinion, a majority of voters in Sullivan County have never supported West Ridge High School, and it will be a long time, if ever, that support increases.

When the County Commission voted for a $140 million bond issue that resulted in property taxes increasing, some of the commissioners who voted for that lost their seats in the next election, and some commissioners chose not to run for re-election presumably because they expected they might lose. The same is true of Board of Education members who lost or chose not to run.

As a result of this very unpopular decision, three local high schools will be closed. I believe that the closing of these three more neighborhood-based high schools continues to be very unpopular with voters. Accordingly, it is no wonder that many commissioners will not support spending more money on roads around this new high school as they want to be re-elected next time.

Maybe the County Commission and the BOE should have anticipated this roads situation and included a roads plan within the original plan even if it caused the spending on the building itself to be reduced. It is therefore their own fault that this problem exists in the first place.

Doug Alley