I am a mild-mannered guy and don’t normally get too upset about the political goings-on. When Trump lost, I thought at least we won’t have to listen to his tweets, rants, continual Cabinet changes and all the drama. I thought he had been given a rough time by the media as he tried to do what he had promised, but heck that is just politics.

After several months of Biden, I am getting uneasy. Gas prices are up 50 cents a gallon, and the heavy summer travel months are not here yet. Forced unionization through the PRO Act passed by the House and touted by Biden may be right around the corner as Biden tries to pay back the unions for their political support.

Our southern border, if we still have one, seems to be in turmoil. I actually heard a Biden spokesperson, Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of Homeland Security, blaming this on Trump as Biden tears down the wall. What planet has he been living on?

Biden seems to be taking credit for Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine’s availability, but again that is just politics.

On top of that we have a so-called COVID virus relief bill of $1.9 trillion that is so filled with pork that it could be served at Pratt’s with only 9-10 % going to direct COVID relief.

To top this off Biden seems to be ducking press conferences where tough questions could be asked. Teleprompters do not help, and candid responses from President Biden give his staff and fellow Democrats heart palpitations.

Hopefully, things will get better, but this rough start is troubling to say the least. I may wait another six months to see if the southern border moves up to Tennessee before checking air tickets prices to Costa Rica. COVID-19 was Trump’s downfall. Only time will tell if the border “crisis,” excuse me, “circumstance” as Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, prefers to call it, is a major stumbling block for President Biden.

James M. Jones