The memorandum released by U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland on Oct. 4 should raise the eyebrows, at a minimum, of any American citizen, no matter what their political ilk.

Mr. Garland addressed a request from the National School Boards Association about parents coming to local school board meetings and raising their concerns over the actual education of their children.  Mr. Garland stated in the memo that he would use the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education and Homeland Security — as well as assistance from the FBI — to maintain safety for school board members, staff and students because of threats. 

This is not a federal concern. School boards are local and voted into office by the parents, and we have plenty of local enforceable entities to take care of a situation concerning parents, school boards, school employees and students. Local issues are local issues, not an issue for the federal government. It seems that the federal government needs to focus more on federal matters such as border security.

Using the power of the federal government to intimidate parents into silence is abhorrent to the American psyche. Dissent is part of us, and when it comes to the equation of our children, a vigorous dialogue should be praised, not suppressed. 

Parents send their children to public schools for their children to be taught skills that will enable them to become productive citizens. Schools are to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, art appreciation, music appreciation and skills to interact in society. Schools in the USA should not be indoctrination centers espousing what the political elite at the time push forward. 

David B. Wright


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