When someone opposes the political views of a certain group, I find it neither beneficial nor kind to use derogatory descriptions. In Debbie Arrington’s April 16 column, she stated that “conservatives seem to have a serious learning disability.”

Hillary Clinton labeled this group as deplorables, and Mr. Biden said they are domestic terrorists. The change that Mr. Biden’s voters wanted got them: open borders, more abortion, infringement on Second Amendment rights, men going in ladies’ restrooms, halting of the Keystone Pipeline which is hurting our nation economically, an attempt to pack the Supreme Court, getting cozy with China, etc. 

If you have your prosperity, it is at a great decline and sacrifice of moral and social values.

In regard to Mr. Biden’s call for national unity — conservatives cannot be unified with people who hate their world view, way of life, and actual God-given rights. 

Nola H. Smith