I’m ashamed of Diana Harshbarger and Marsha Blackburn. Tennessee has several times now led the country in COVID infections and deaths, and we still often rank among the worst, with our representatives offering mostly distractions and misdirection. It seems the only thread consistently followed is camera-seeking self- promotion, instead of dealing with our reality.

A total of 16,601 Tennesseans had died of COVID as of Nov. 11, way above a proportional share of the 758,899 dead Americans. Our medical professionals have virtually begged people to take the COVID vaccines, free to the individual, and FDA/CDC-approved for safety and efficacy. It’s the simplest, quickest, most reliable and cheapest way forward, and most likely to help suppress other possible variants and surges.

But our two refuse to add their powerful voices to that effort. Instead they go on about federal allocations to states for the expensive emergency- authorized monoclonal antibody treatments, when there’s been no apparent problem with that. That treatment is for after your body already is hosting and probably spreading the virus.

The survivors do have varying amounts of natural immunity, but don’t bet too much on that. Vaccinated survivors on average are around two and a half times more protected than with natural immunity alone.

Maybe we should question motive. How could any conservative-minded public servant stress the expensive treatment instead of the preventative measures which could nearly eliminate the need for treatment? Compare vaccines costing around $20 per dose with one person to administer in minutes, with the two-dose monoclonal treatment at minimum $1,250 per dose with two nurses and one doctor to administer (2-3 hours of assessment, infusion and observation).

We taxpayers pay for both. No one says treatment isn’t important, after you’re infected, but why could they be emphasizing that when vaccines are so obviously our most important and affordable recourse?

Jennie Young


Electoral red wave

Have you noticed one point being made on political news is the comparison of Biden to Carter. The country being in total turmoil, after which there is a red wave with elections. The same phenomenon happened with Obama.

Now Biden has ushered in another era of turmoil, and we see the same electoral red wave.

When the Democrats have power and control, they bring us to the brink of chaos. Then the common-sense electorate brings back some sense of normality.

Tony L. Mann


Robocalls annoying

Robocalls are bothering everyone. I have never heard of anyone not getting them. A robocall is an automated call that a business uses or sometimes a charity to call a customer and try to get you to buy something or try to get some money from you. The bad thing is they call at all hours, sometimes even before 9 a.m.

You might think the call is from family or friends. You run for the phone and could fall over anything in the way. Then you want to swear when it is only a robocall.

It could not only be a robocall, but a company that somehow gets your phone number. The best thing they say to do is not answer the phone, but I answer cause I hate to hear the phone ring and ring. Something has to be done to stop these annoying calls. I am thinking of throwing the phone out the window.

Dave Gander


People should be responsible for pets

I live in Sullivan County. Every day I go out my door I have to look at two horses of my neighbors that have been without water for days. They are tied to a steel pole that is drove into the ground. They get loose and go onto other people’s property.

I have reported it before to the authorities, but nothing is done. I can’t even take my dog out on my property without worrying about what’s going to be in my yard. They also have a dog that keeps coming in my yard. If my dog was out it could easily attack my dog. What do you have to do to get people to be responsible for their pets?

Sandra Wallen


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