The Oct. 6 article "Kingsport Once Again Surveying Condition of Its Streets" reminded me of a promise the city made to Crown Colony. The city of Kingsport annexed Crown Colony on April 2, 1991. At that time, we were promised that all streets within the development would be repaved within two years of annexation. Now, 30 years later, we are still waiting.

Much of Crown Colony's success is due to the homeowners who try to keep Crown Colony looking immaculate. The neighbors have pride in the property but feel the city has neglected the streets for many years. Upon entering Crown Colony and crossing the entrance bridge, the first thing you see is the roadway revealing cracks, potholes and ugly patches of hot tar lines running randomly throughout the road surface, all hit-and-miss repairs, but never repaved in 30 years.

Crown Colony is recognized as the state's first planned unit development and consists of 97 homes. Each homeowner pays approximately $1,200 in city property taxes annually. In addition, our homeowners association pays approximately $4,500 in city property taxes each year. Over the 30 years since annexation, the residents and the homeowners association have paid approximately $3,494,500 in city taxes. I request Crown Colony be included in the paving program in the immediate future. We have a great group of homeowners who have been and currently are willing to do their part to keep Crown Colony looking good. Now is the time for the city of Kingsport to step up and do their part with paving and fulfill their 30-year-old obligation. It's never too late to make it right and to do what is right.

Jim A. Wells


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