I recently participated in the Kingsport Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy, a program designed to inform citizens of the purpose and services provided by the fire department. The academy was a two-month class that met one evening weekly where we learned that firefighters do so much more than their name would indicate in the putting out of fires.

We learned about the strategic planning that goes into the protective coverage of the city, the medical techniques used in responding to emergencies, the controlling of hazardous materials, the gear and equipment used in emergency situations, water and technical rescues, how fires behave and escalate, and much more. We were given the chance to experience a small taste of what these heroes do on a daily basis.

Every firefighter who presented information to us was professional, thoughtful, kind, and demonstrated excellent skill and knowledge of their calling. These individuals love what they do and it shows!

Thank you, Kingsport Fire Department, for your commitment and service to our community and for giving us this hands-on opportunity to learn. You make us proud!

Donna Hardy


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