It is now two weeks past election day, and Donald Trump refuses to concede. It is wrong for Trump to refuse to acknowledge the will of the majority of the people.

If a Democratic president refused to accept the election results for a new Republican president, the Republican Party would be in an uproar. Wrongdoing is wrongdoing, regardless of party and must be recognized as such.

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by more votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin than Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, yet Clinton conceded graciously on the day after the election, emphasizing to all Americans that we must cherish the peaceful transfer of power.

I am especially bothered by the fact that the majority of Tennessee, including Diana Harshbarger and Marsha Blackburn, support the president’s conspiracy theory that the election was “stolen.” There has been absolutely no proof of widespread voter fraud. So far, every case Trump has brought to court has been denied for lack of evidence. If the Democrats were smart enough to steal an election for the first time in history, why weren’t they smart enough to steal the Senate seats so they would have full control?

For the sake of our democracy, Republicans need to accept the results and allow the new president to begin the work of unifying our country.

Since the election, Donald Trump has not attempted to address the COVID crisis or the economic suffering of the citizens without jobs. Now his only focus is golfing, watching television, and spreading conspiracy theories about why he lost. Meanwhile, the Republican members of Congress remain silent because, like Trump, they are not interested in serving the nation. They are only interested in getting re-elected.

Do we want leaders who put their own desire for power ahead of their duty to serve the Constitution? Trump would rather risk destroying our democracy than to admit defeat.

Jeff Honeycutt