I'm writing this letter the day after Thanksgiving. I'm not a Black Friday enthusiast. I try to enjoy Thanksgiving before the Christmas mania is fully unleashed.

Once in awhile, after the great feast leftovers are properly distributed (except what to do with that turkey carcass) and the Christmas candles are lit, I find myself with a few presents to begin wrapping. And here lies my the point of this letter.

As I began wrapping presents, wrapping paper, tape, bows and tissue paper flew around freely. As I wadded up a scrap of wrapping paper, I stopped. This isn't right. In my youth wrapping Christmas presents was not a chore, it was an essential part of Christmas. Wrapping paper was not to be wasted, nor was tape, as well as the bows saved from last year (and the year before and before).

Sometimes Sunday comics made the best wrapping ever. It was all about the color. And it was all about being thankful and using every scrap of Christmas cheer one could find.

So I'm saving all my wrapping paper remnants — and rationing tape — and using old bows or making them myself. I think the presents wrapped with those will be the best. Merry Christmas.

David Rogers


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