A letter published April 18 contained incorrect information about the Hawkins County Humane Society which continues to have a negative effect on the animal shelter and the community.

HCHS was approached by the city of Mount Carmel to assist them in taking stray animals, as their shelter had to close. We felt that it would be easier for residents to find their animals locally versus going to Sullivan County.

We have received many calls and texts with concerns about the statements in the letter regarding euthanasia and fines, and we want to clarify this to ease concerns. We are proud to say we are a no-kill shelter, which means we do not euthanize for space or aggression, and the animals stay with us until adopted.

When an animal comes in as either a surrender or stray, we scan the animal for a microchip. We then provide vaccinations, deworming and boosters, and they are posted on our Facebook page and on Petfinder. If the stray animal is not microchipped, the stray animal will then be placed on a three- to four-day hold, and we will post the animal as lost in hopes to find the owners.

With the help of our community sharing our posts, we have on many occasions reunited lost animals with their owners. We do ask for a small $25 reclaim fee to help with vaccinations, deworming and flea treatment. It is NOT a fine.

HCHS has been blessed by our close-knit community, and we could not continue to operate and help reunite animals with their owners without their generosity.

Sandy Murray Behnke

Hawkins County Humane Society director