It is sad when you lose a longtime friend, even when that longtime friend is a 41-year-old restaurant and her staff. I have been in there throughout the years, and it was always a special time — whether it be to go to dinner or go listen to local bands in the bar.

Thursday, Oct. 14, was the last day they were open, and the staff worked their behinds off all week leading up to that last day. They must have served every Kingsport citizen at least once and some many more than that over the last week, because they wanted that last meal and wanted to say goodbye. My husband and I did.

The even sadder part of this beautiful, nostalgic restaurant closing is it will be taken to the ground, never to be opened as a restaurant of a different name. I understand there will be yet another car wash being built where it stands. Kingsport needs some originality and original businesses.

Congratulations to the Feliu family for all their years owning Chicago Dough/Rush Street. There will never be another like it. See you all around town. Goodbye Rush Street, old friend.

Ann Fortney


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