No, Bays Mountain Family Park should not play a bloody, gory, sex-filled, R-rated movie. This is a nationally unique park made exclusively for education of all ages, from children to senior adults. If a child cannot partake or easily watch an event, it does not need to happen.

The movie "Friday the 13th" is not representative of Kingsport and its parks. The press release actually says that "children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian." Children!? From a description of that movie: "young boy drowned," "slashes her throat," "Jack and Marcie have sex," "slams an ax into her face."

Bays Mountain is sacred family ground. We went as children with our schools. We take our families. We rest in the beauty of the nature. It has always been a safe zone. A peaceful place of natural animal habitats. A place unmarred. For those spiritual, a place to get with God away from an insane world.

This movie plan is so out of character for Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium that I would have thought it was a very distasteful joke if I had not read the press release myself. Please reconsider and keep our most special park family friendly 24/7.

Tim Mullen



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