Under the guise of patriotism, citizens from across the nation converged on the United States Capitol to protest alleged election fraud. Never mind that the allegations of fraud were put forth by the loser of the election without any evidence. Over 60 court cases were thrown out for lack of standing or evidence.

Please remember that even before the election, President Trump said that he could only lose if the election were rigged. It is not reasonable to make this statement about any contest, whether it be a sporting event or a political election.

Patriotism is defined as vigorous support of one’s country. The United States is only a country because of the United States Constitution. The elected vice president, senators and representatives were performing their constitutionally required duties when they were evacuated because the Capitol was under attack by self-described patriots. Because of Trump’s inflammatory language, some of the “patriots” wanted to capture the vice president for simply performing his required duties.

A democracy is only possible if people truly believe in the rules of a democracy. The person with the most votes wins. We cannot simply say our person did not win, so there must be fraud.

I am disappointed in Diana Harshbarger for supporting overturning a democratic election as her first political act. I am particularly disappointed in a local pastor that “went to Washington to support Trump.”  

This democracy was made possible by many true patriots, some of whom gave their very lives, so that United States citizens would be free to live their lives and choose their leaders by a voting majority. Before you recognize these protestors as patriots, please watch the video of the police officer being crushed in the door by an out-of-control mob. 

Jeff Honeycutt