I would like to address an issue that seems to be everywhere. Cancel culture. So many people complain about things being deleted that have been accepted for decades and are now not acceptable. We need to look at this from everyone's perspective.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima have been a mainstay for decades. Well when I hear these things I think of things that aren't taught in schools. The reason for the Black caricatures with aunt and uncle attached is because it was not socially accepted to call an elderly Black person Mr. or Mrs.

There are several other examples of this such as the Confederate flag. I see a people that rebelled and were willing to die for their rights, which one of was to own another human. Some feel because it was once accepted it should remain.

So when things are done by people to change the racist norm they are the problems. It's not a cancel culture but an awakening and a plea that this country has had a very difficult past, but the way to fix it is not to act like it didn't happen or it wasn't that bad.

We need to explore these issues and realize that now we are a better people. How can you heal a nation without studying and understanding it? Segregation was just a generation ago. The wounds won't heal overnight, but they never will if it is not taught.

Thomas W.L. Looney III


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