It’s said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” I would apply this to our new representative in Congress, Diana Harshbarger, for her failed attempt to undermine a free and fair election.

Being a congressional rookie, Harshbarger opted to join the certifiable fringe of the failing GOP by seeking to overturn the will of the people in favor of an autocratic narcissist and his dead-end attempt to hold onto the presidency.

This fascist action proves that Harshbarger is just another mindless GOP rubber stamp easily swayed by whichever way the political winds may be blowing on a given day. Harshbarger is on the record for casting her first vote to disenfranchise more than 80 million Americans (to include more than a million Tennesseans) who cast their vote for President-elect Joe Biden.

Unlike both of our U.S. senators, Harshbarger volunteered to become part of a coup purposed with shoving a dagger into the heart of our democracy. Harshbarger’s actions should not be taken lightly but as extremely dangerous. As a proud Tennessean and veteran, I am ashamed of Harshbarger and hope that both she and her ilk be unseated and sent packing immediately. 

Tony Cerruti

Church Hill