The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol serves to remind us just how very fragile democracy is, yet two items in your Feb. 7 edition illustrate the paradoxes of the GOP and the long road to unity.

First is the report that the Wyoming GOP chose to censure Liz Cheney for upholding her oath of office while the GOP took no action against Trump or members who abetted the attack.

One writer ("Letters") quotes the oath of office then argues that many members violate their oaths by replacing democracy with "socialism." I would argue that the current administration is doing its best to serve the nation by tackling COVID effectively, shoring up the economy, holding elected officials accountable (including Trump) — most things Trump could have done but did not. The writer refrained from mentioning how inciting riot is constitutional or helps the country.

I challenge those who oppose all forms of "socialism" to return their stimulus checks, stop their Social Security checks, using Medicare/Medicaid, using health insurance, taking tax deductions, driving on public roads, etc. — all "socialist" acts.

I would honestly be embarrassed to call myself a Republican; they are an ochlocracy

Everett Jones, M.D.