Architectural drawing showing plans for new security checkpoint at Kingsport Justice Center

An expansion project planned for the Kingsport Justice Center will extend into what is currently a parking lot between the facility and the former city hall building. The plans include enclosure of what is now and open area near the main entrance to the building. The enclosure of that space will create a new security checkpoint, and return the inner lobby to its original role.

When Kingsport’s Justice Center was built in the 1980s it solved problems with overcrowded courtrooms and provided a home for the city’s police department. But that was more than three decades ago when the city’s population was around 34,000.

Today it’s nearly 57,000, and the city once again finds its incarceration infrastructure insufficient to meet demand, as was also the case with its core operations. The latter problem was solved last year when Kingsport consolidated four government buildings into a former bank building to create a new city hall, appropriately at Church Circle.

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