Jae Moyer, center, of Overland Park, and Allie Utley, of Allen County, Kansas cheered as the Kansans for Constitutional Freedom and supporters celebrated their win during an election watch party Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022, at the Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Blvd. The group backed a "No" vote on the constitutional amendment, which if passed, removes the right to an abortion from the Kansas constitution. Moyer is president of the LGBTQ Democratic Caucus. (Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/TNS)

The conservative “pro-life” movement managed to do something that abortion-rights activists have been trying to do for decades — they have destroyed the stigma around abortion.

When the same Supreme Court justices who had testified during congressional hearings that Roe v. Wade was settled law overturned abortion rights soon after, the house of cards began to fall.

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Aisha Sultan is home and family editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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