The Times News asked its Facebook friends "What word or phrase from 2021 needs to be retired?" Below is sampling from the 375 responses received.

You know what I mean?

— Ernest Calton 

The new normal

— Ethan King


— Kristie Blessing

Just another Karen!

— Karen Clendenin

Cancel culture

— Jon Smith


— Michael Driver

Covid vaccine

— Miranda Qualls

Let me be clear

— Ray Smith

Social distancing

— Dawn Como


— Monice Mckeel Olterman

COVID and the vaccine

— Becky Hawk Salyer


— Em Black


— Tim Murrell

She is a Karen

— Karen McCann-Derrick

Get your vaccine or booster

— Valerie Mallett Goins

President Biden

— Mark Ketron


— Katina Lovell-Bartley

 Anthony Fauci

— Normi Shamblin

Awesome, more importantly, and back to you (said by all the news people; for crying out loud, get creative.)

— Jimi Olson

Get your covid-19 shot

— Jacob Seaver

New variant

— Kay Ketron

Go Brandon!

— Tara Jones

Breaking news

— Janice Cole Harrison


— Tony Spangler

We're all in this together (So many people seem to say together, but only mean it as long as you share their beliefs)

— Sara Morton Dickey

Look ... I'm not joking

— Janie Childress


— Jason Snow 


— Sue Osborne

Not kidding

— Debra S. Williams

Donald Trump

— Heather Greer

The Biden administration.

— Dave Morrison

The woke generation

— Lonita Bentley

 Bombshell report

— Shirley Light Muck


— Robert Pruitt


— Kayla Taylor 

Flatten the curve

— Bruc Banne

Long story short

— Glenna Hensley

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