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Chance the partisan Republican recount of Maricopa County, Arizona’s ballots could legally change the state’s 2020 election results: 0.

Number of House Republicans who voted last January to overturn the 2020 election: 147. Number of Senate Republicans: 6. Number of House and Senate Democrats: 0.

Portion of Republicans who believe Donald Trump is the best president in American history: one-third.

Percentage of 2020 Trump voters who feel more loyalty to Trump than to the Republican Party: 54. Who would support a Trump party over the Republican Party: 46. Who believe that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was largely inspired by Antifa: 5.8

Percentage of Republicans who held negative opinions of technology companies in 2019: 37. Currently: 65.

When Senate Minority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell last declared that “100 percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration”: May 2021. Number of state legislatures that had enacted new voting restriction laws by the middle of May: 14. Number of such laws: 22. Estimated percentage by which the option to vote by mail increased voter turnout in Texas last year: 0.02.

Percentage of Americans who identified as Republicans and Democrats, respectively, at the outset of 2020: 47, 45. At the end of 2020: 39, 50.

Amount donated to establish an institute to “elevate the practical understanding and promotion of democratic principles” at the University of Virginia: $50 million. Amount in matching funds: $50 million.

Percentage of U.S. online shoppers who reported having a package stolen last year: 43. Minimum number of items Amazon removed from sale in 2020 because of price gouging: 39 million.

Average number of employees Amazon hired each day from January to October last year: 1,333.

Minimum number of former Justice Department officials hired by Amazon in the past 10 years: 13. Of former Defense Department officials: 69.

Percentage of directly held stock (not in 401(k)s, or group retirement plans) owned by the wealthiest 1% of Americans: 51. By the wealthiest 10% of Americans: 92. By the bottom 50% of Americans: 0.

Percentage of Americans who believe the stock market is rigged against amateur investors: 64. Percentage of Americans who think the stock market does a good job of measuring the country’s economic health: 17. Percentage of our economy driven by the spending of individuals and families: 66.

Factor by which a solar farm was more expensive to build and maintain than a coal plant in 2009: 3.2. By which a coal plant is more expensive to build and maintain than a solar farm today: 2.2.

Percentage change in overall car sales last year: -14, In electric car sales: +43. Percentage of U.S. electric-car owners who are concerned about being able to charge their vehicles on the road: 47. Portion of U.S. electric-car charging outlets that are in California: one-third.

Number of U.S. members of Congress who are not affiliated with a religion: 1. Portion of the American population that is not: one-fourth.

Portion of jobs in California’s arts and culture industry that have been lost during the pandemic: half. In New York: two-thirds.

Number of manatee deaths in 2018, the current record year: 804. Number so far in 2021: 761. Primary reason for the massive manatee die-offs: loss of habitat.

Length of time for a NASA command to reach New Horizons, now in deep space almost 5 billion miles from Earth: 7 hours. Length of time before NASA knows if New Horizons received the command: another 7 hours.

As of May 26, percentage of all U.S. adults who are fully COVID vaccinated: 50.

If you are not vaccinated, do it today.

Steve Wintermute is a journalist and history student. Contact him at