There are three things going on that are worthy of comment this week, or not: The Jan. 6 committee investigation, a question about “chips,” and my favorite worn-out topic — vaccinations.

As you are aware, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 invasion of the White House by Trump supporters has commenced, with U.S. Capitol Police officers leading off.

As Patrick Buchanan has pointed out, every member of the committee, Democrat and Republican, voted to impeach Trump. Buchanan has also noted that attorneys representing a Capitol rioter claim the disgraceful scene was not domestic terrorism but “was a protest that became a riot, period, full stop.”

The Pelosi committee, for lack of a better name, has been stacked, locked and loaded so the outcome of the investigation will lead to a result sought by Rep. Nancy Pelosi: a “show trial,” if you will. This scripted play is not as disgusting as the riot itself, but it does rise to the level of “outrageous.”

What should have occurred is that a bipartisan special committee, such as Sam Ervin’s Watergate Committee, should have been created, empowered, and provided with subpoena powers.

One can argue Pelosi made “attempts” to approach such an investigatory body, but it was a feeble attempt.

When she rejected two of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s appointees, she created a type of tribunal such as the one that “considered” the charges against the Delta fraternity in “Animal House.”

There should have been Republicans on the committee who support Trump. Assuming those Republicans had an ounce of integrity, testimony by the officers and even by their fellow Congress members should have been compelling, leading to an honest-to-goodness examination of those sickening scenes.

Indeed, one can make a strong argument that the failure of the House leadership to create a “semi-objective” committee is merely an indictment of the entire political system. These morons running the House and Senate these days would never tolerate a Howard Baker who would ask: “What did the president know and when did he know it?”

The riot at the Capitol may well have been an act of terrorism. But there is no place for those who have made up their mind in advance of receiving all the evidence. On the other side of the coin, there is no place for those who merely want to protect Trump, his advisers and family from strict scrutiny. Both sides should be ashamed.


Topic No. 2 concerns our empty car lots. We all know about the “chip” problem: These new vehicles need a “chip” to make them properly operate, and the “chip” factory in Japan burned.

But that fire was some time ago. The last time I checked, there were two or three businesses in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that manufactured “chips.” Why have those companies not come to the rescue?

Many people who work for automobile dealerships have been laid off. Sales tax revenues from the sales of vehicles are way down. Why has there been no recovery spearheaded by the manufacturers? Why can’t dealers be aided by their suppliers?

It has crossed my mind that the manufacturers may be using this “chip” crisis for another purpose. Just raising the issue.


And that brings us to COVID-19 vaccinations: The vaccination rate hit a wall and barely continues to climb. It seems there are many who want their children and themselves to get the “Delta variant” in lieu of a vaccination. The CDC crowd is screaming for masks again.

People, do you really want to go through another year of hell? Get over to your doctor and get a shot!

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Bill Bovender practices law in Kingsport. Email him at [email protected].