Nicholas Kristof in his Sunday column in the New York Times this past Sunday has the headline: “Are We Stuck With Him For 10 More Days?” This column could read “Are We Stuck With Him for 7 More Days?”

Perhaps one of the most distressing aspects of the GOP after the invasion of the Capitol on Jan. 6 was the vote of seven Republican senators and those Republican members of the House to support the fraudulent complaints over the presidential vote in Pennsylvania.

While the invasion of our Capitol has been laid at the words of President Trump, the “co-match lighters” with Trump belong to Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas. Both senators, after the two chambers (the Senate at 8 p.m. and the House at 9 p.m.) had been brought back to order, stood by their earlier support of the fraudulent argument that Trump had carried the Keystone state. Somehow they claim the winning votes for the contested U.S. representatives in both Arizona and Pennsylvania were valid and that only Trump’s votes were “stolen.” That’s odd as all races were on the same ballot!

Tennessee’s entire Republican congressional delegation including our newest member, Diana Harshbarger, supported Sen. Hawley’s and Sen. Cruz’s objections to the vote in six of the states. In the Senate, Marsha Blackburn and our newest senator Bill Hagerty also joined in the mistaken beliefs spouted by Trump.

The actions of the Republican senators and over 67 Republican congressmen and women on the Pennsylvania object vote were formed by the lies of Trump or so desperately wanted to appease him and thought there was a good political outcome for them. I say at the least I am very disappointed in Hagerty, Blackburn and Harshbarger.

Democrats in the House are pushing for impeachment of the president, but the vote in the Senate cannot take place until the 19th at the earliest.

If there is a reason for the Democrats’ continued effort, it lies in the fact that after the conduct on Jan. 6, Trump will no longer be a viable candidate in 2024 for the presidency due to his attempted coup.

Spurred on by Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric containing unfounded claims of “voter fraud” and “stolen election,” the mob — they were not “protesters” — ransacked the building. Five people died due to their actions.

Thank goodness there were not more deaths! We join in mourning their deaths.

Certain members of each body, generally determined by seniority, are provided “secret” or unmarked offices in the Capitol. Photographs of the selective offices after the mob had found these sites show they were vandalized with certain items stolen or destroyed. How did the mob know where these offices were located?

It is hard to believe that my fellow citizens would engage in such conduct.

While we may have disagreements over candidates and policies, activity such as that which occurred a week ago today is hard to believe occurred in this country.

The language used by Trump was highlighted by the word “fight,” which encouraged the rally goers to turn into a mob. Now law enforcement should engage in activity to arrest those thugs who insulted this nation and embarrassed this country in the eyes of the world. We as a nation are tired of Donald Trump’s inhumanity, his lies and incitement to violence. I appreciate we have only seven more days of Trump, his family and their money-making schemes at the expense of this country, and using marital ties by Jared Kushner to obtain a pardon for his criminal father.

Trump is basically a coward. He wants others to fight his battles for him. He incited his followers to march to the Capitol telling them he was going with them, but instead went back to the White House, where it is reported he watched on TV with glee the riot taking place in our Capitol.

America in seven days will have a gentleman in the White House.

While you may not always agree with him, he’ll not be bringing thugs to Washington to destroy our seat of government.

D. Bruce Shine is a retired Kingsport attorney who at an earlier point worked for two U.S. senators from Tennessee, Estes Kefauver and Ross Bass and as deputy special counsel to Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey.