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MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- For seventeen years On Location: MEMPHIS (OL:M) hosted the OL:M International Film and Music Festival.  Beloved worldwide for its southern charm and Airstream Trailer Awards; the OL:M festival was noticeably missing from the indie film festival circuit.  After 2½ years, OL:M is proud to present their latest offering to the film community, MemphisMusicBanq.com

Memphis Music Banq (MMB) is a pay-per-license website. MMB offer to license music from Tennessee music creators to producers of television, film, radio, YouTube, corporate and other visual media content.  This program and website was developed by OL:M, to educate music creators on how to protect and prepare their content to generate income through licensing opportunities as well as provide visual media producers access to quality music that is legally sound and reasonably priced.

"The top question for most music creators is 'How do I get my music placed in film and tv?' Then, on the flip side, filmmakers are asking, 'How do I get music for my project that won't break the budget or cause me legal concerns?' The Memphis Music Banq answers both questions.  This website was created to serve the needs of both communities," said OL:M Executive Director Angela D. Green, Esq.

In an effort to bring film and music creators together, the Tennessee Entertainment Commission and the Memphis Music Banq will host Virtual MMB Mixer Competitions on the On Location: MEMPHIS Facebook page.  The first competition will be September 22, 2020, at 6pm.  One featured Filmmaker provides clips for Two MMB Producers to face off. The audience vote on their choice while our Filmmaker and Judges vote on which producer has the best Music Synch.  Tennessee film and music creator who would like to participate in the MMB Mixer Competition should send an inquiry to Christie Taylor, OL:M creative liaison, at christie@onlocationmemphis.org.

To learn more about Memphis Music Banq, visit www.memphismusicbanq.com.  To learn more about On Location: MEMPHIS, visit onlocationmemphis.org. 

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ABOUT ON LOCATION: MEMPHIS: On Location: MEMPHIS creates economic drivers for the film, music & arts community, teaching entertainment business through real-life application.  Its mission is to see members of the artistic community generating revenue from their content and successfully running their entertainment businesses in Tennessee.

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