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NASHVILLE – Tennesseans for Student Success (TSS) this week announced the formation of Team Kid PAC, a political action committee (PAC) that will support candidates for Governor and the General Assembly who put students first and pursue strong policies that support educational opportunities for all Tennesseans.

“While our state has made significant strides in improving public education, every day we face new challenges and inequities that require bold solutions that come from bold leaders,” said Adam Lister, President and CEO of Tennesseans for Student Success. “We formed Team Kid PAC to help our statewide network of parents, teachers, community leaders, and volunteers support candidates that will work to secure an effective education for every Tennessee student – and to defeat those who will not. As the political action committee of TSS, Team Kid PAC will be another asset in our toolbox as we continue our work to ensure every child in Tennessee has access to a quality public school.”

TSS has shown its effectiveness since its inception, engaging in comprehensive issue advocacy and voter education campaigns that have resulted in a 92% lifetime success rate and a majority in both chambers of the General Assembly of elected officials who support student-focused education reforms. Team Kid PAC will expand the scope of that work while giving a more explicit voice in the election process to the parents, teachers, and leaders of TSS.

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