Harshbarger announces Congressional bid

Diana Harshbarger

KINGSPORT — Pharmacist Diana Harshbarger, who describes herself as a "Trump Conservative," announced on Thursday she will be seeking the Republican nomination for Tennessee’s 1st Congressional District.

“I was born and raised in Kingsport," she said in a press release. "My parents didn’t graduate high school, but they instilled in me the hard-working values of our community and showed me what it really means to be Tennessee tough. I was fortunate enough to be the first in my family to graduate college. I returned to Kingsport to open a pharmacy, which has served our community for over 30 years. Driven by my faith, I have been committed to working for others and problem-solving for patients my entire career. Now I want to solve some of the big problems in Congress.

“Washington is broken. Career politicians think it’s all about them and not about the people they represent. A liberal Congress has given us partisan investigations, a sham impeachment, and bills focused on delivering socialism to America. We need to send someone to Washington who will deliver the right dose of medicine to the out of touch political elites, unapologetically support President Trump’s America First Agenda and most importantly, fight back on the attempts to change our way of life to appease liberals in their ivory towers.”

Harshbarger said she grew up in Bloomingdale. She studied at East Tennessee State University and went on to attend Mercer University College of Pharmacy where she received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has been a licensed pharmacist since 1987 and a business owner for over 30 years.

She says she has been an active member of her Kingsport community, teaching Sunday school, helping with her church’s mission work and other local non-profits. She is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and a former board member of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (now called APC-Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding).

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