BLOUNTVILLE — A sinkhole opened on the track at West Ridge High School a day or two ago and has been growing.

It has been covered with plywood and fenced off as workers and school system officials try to determine what needs to be done.

Workers on site Friday afternoon told the Times News the hole is about 12 by 12 feet at ground level, but it’s not known “where the throat is” for the opening.

Charlie Hubbard, maintenance supervisor for the county school system, confirmed that the sinkhole opened over the past couple of days, that evaluation of the issue would require engineering work, and the contractor was looking into the situation.

Otherwise, Hubbard said, he had no more information to share about the sinkhole.

Workers at the site said when the sinkhole opened the drainpipe system under the football field collapsed into it.

The sinkhole is near a curve in the track, close to the pole vault area.

The $75 million school opened last week. Friday, Aug. 13, was the first day of attendance for the entire student body, estimated at more than 2,000 students.

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