ROGERSVILLE — With only 425 of the city’s 2,549 registered voters casting a ballot, Rogersville re-elected its longtime mayor Saturday, as well as six aldermen, including two newcomers.

Mayor Jim Sells was elected to a 12th term unopposed, collecting 315 votes against six write-in votes.

Incumbent Vice Mayor Brian Hartness and Brock Gladson were the top vote-getters in the race for six aldermen seats with 269 each.

The other four successful aldermen candidates included incumbent Sonda Price (241), incumbent Mark DeWitte (222), Todd Biggs (211), and incumbent Eloise Edwards (194).

There were three unsuccessful candidates including incumbent Wayne Slater (162), Avery Fields (178), and David Jenkins (103). Alderman Bill Henderson chose not to seek re-election.

Rogersville is the only municipality in Hawkins County that hasn’t switched its Election Day to coincide with the November state and federal elections.

Only 156 people actually cast their ballots Saturday, with 212 taking advantage of early voting, and 57 paper absentee ballots.

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