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WISE — The Wise County Board of Supervisors’ public comment period on Thursday included more from Pound.

The board did pass two major matters before the end of Thursday’s meeting — acceptance of the county’s 2021-22 $11.4 million share of the school system budget, and approval of the county’s $57.17 million 2021-22 budget.

Before that, Pound Mayor Stacey Carson also asked supervisors to help the town by applying for grants to help handle flooding issues like the March rainstorm that led to the town sewer plant discharging untreated water into the Pound River two months ago.

Carson said that council, the Board of Supervisors and the county Public Service Authority have been told “I’m a troublemaker,” adding that she came before the board last year to ask for help with a lack of cooperation inside town government.

“If we lose our charter or don’t, I’m willing to work with anyone,” Carson said.

Carson said the town has become ineligible for such grants because of failure to comply with state orders to repair the sewer system in the last five years.

Supervisor Fred Luntsford, Jr. — also a member of the county Public Service Authority — said the town’s failure to complete audits was the reason Pound is not eligible for grants. Carson said the issues stemmed from past mayors and some council members hiding the sewer system issues from the public.

County Attorney Karen Mullins later said that, under state law, Pound residents would have to vote to give up its charter and incorporated status.

The board voted to cancel its July regular meeting.