What was your first job?

My first-time job was a part-time one as a janitor at my high school.

How did you get your first job?

It was a youth program called the Neighborhood Youth Corps (NYC). NYC was a federally funded program created to increase employability of youth. The youth in my community were encouraged to apply to the program.

How long did you work there?

I worked for the program for two summers and two school terms.

How much were you paid?

The pay at the time was minimum wage at $1.25 per hour.

What did you love about the job?

The job was fun because of the camaraderie with the janitorial staff as well as other youth who worked in the program. The job provided spending money for clothes, gasoline for my car, and car insurance. Overall, the job provided financial means to cover things that I liked doing at that time.

What did you hate about the job?

“Hate” is a strong term that I never use; however, the job took away some of my free time after school to be with friends.

What do you do now?

I currently work for Christian Medical & Dental Associations, where I serve as senior director in the Stewardship Department assisting health care professionals with their legacy planning.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Not taking life so serious as a teenager, and spend more time enjoying teenage life.

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