GATE CITY — A number of water and sewer projects are on tap throughout Scott County.

Mike Dishman, director of the Scott County Public Service Authority, gave updates on several projects during this month’s Board of Supervisors meeting. Dishman also noted that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the PSA.

Below are facts and figures about the PSA, along with project updates from Dishman’s report to the BOS.

Then and now

  • In 1971, the Scott County Board of Supervisors acted to create the Scott County Water and Sewerage Authority under the Virginia Water and Sewer Authorities Act of 1950.
  • The first project undertaken by the authority was the Duffield-Pattonsville water system, which was completed in the early 1970s using a bond for $85,300.
  • The modern era of the PSA began in 2000, when the Board of Supervisors changed the name from SCWSA to Scott County Public Service Authority. The PSA then acquired the Duffield Development Authority water and sewer systems and the Moccasin Gap Sanitation District water system.
  • The PSA provides water service to 5,600 customers and a population of approximately 13,000. It provides wastewater service to about 1,050 customers.
  • The PSA maintains at least 300 miles of water main, 25 water pump stations, 20 major water storage tanks, 20 miles of sewer and seven sewage pump stations.

Recently completed projects

  • Fairview waterline extension: Construction started in August 2019 and was completed last month. 132 households signed up for the project. Of that number, a little over 80 have activated their PSA accounts to get service.
  • Gas Well Road water extension: This project serves nine homes and was part of the Alley Valley, Dingus Hollow and Gas Well Road project mentioned below. Construction started this past winter and service was made available last month.

Funded projects under construction

  • Daniel Boone sewer phase one: Construction started in September 2019. Approximately 15,000 feet of sewer has been installed, and completion is expected this summer.
  • Sustainability improvements: This project includes multiple improvements to the PSA’s water plants and distribution system, including incorporating an existing high-producing well at Natural Tunnel State Park into the PSA water supply grid. The PSA crew started construction of its portion in May 2019. Completion is projected to be December 2021.

Funded projects not yet under construction

  • Alley Valley, Dingus Hollow and Gas Well Road water extension: This project will serve about 24 homes on three different roads. Construction is expected to run through June 2021.
  • Robinette Valley and Hunters Valley West waterline extension: This project will serve about 80 homes. Construction by a contractor and the PSA crew is projected to run from July 2021 to July 2022.
  • Nickelsville water improvements: This project will make needed improvements to the wells and treatment plant. Construction is anticipated to run from April to December 2021.
  • Nickelsville wastewater improvements: This project will make needed improvements to the treatment plant. Construction is expected to start this fall.
  • Yuma sewer phases two, three and four/Hiltons sewer phases one, two, and three: The project is in design, and work is ongoing to obtain permits and identify and get required easements. Construction of phase two of Yuma and phases one and two of Hiltons is expected to start in August 2021 and be completed in two years.
  • Upper Cliff Mountain/Blackgum Lane water extension: Design is complete for this project, and construction is expected to start later this summer. It will make water available to approximately 20 homes.
  • Weber City water main replacement/leakage reduction, phase two: This project will continue work to replace an old and deteriorating galvanized water main that has significant leakage. Construction will be done by the PSA crew.

projects not yet funded

  • Central Scott County water: This would be the first phase of the PSA’s comprehensive county water project. It will serve the area north and east of Gate City, between Clinch Mountain and Clinch River. The project received a Rural Development SEARCH grant to complete the preliminary engineering report and environmental report. Last month, Rural Development accepted the PSA’s environmental assessment, which will allow the PSA to submit a preliminary engineering report and be eligible to get a funding offer. The report will be submitted this month.
  • Multi-community water extension: This project would serve homes on Ann Goode Cooper Road, Falin Hollow Lane, Federal Road and Hunters Valley East Road. The PSA has gathered user agreements, collected water samples and applied for funding, and it is now gathering income surveys.
  • Reed Hollow Road water and sewer extension (two projects): These projects would serve the homes from the Gate City town limits to the top of the hill, including side roads. The PSA is gathering user agreements and income surveys.
  • Multiple waterline extensions (Long Hollow Road, Stanley Valley): These projects are in the early planning stages.