ROGERSVILLE — The three newly elected members of the Rogersville City School Board of Education were sworn in Tuesday. They include two veterans and one new member, retired school librarian Julie Phillips.

Phillips was among five candidates seeking three BOE seats in the Nov. 3 election.

She was elected along with incumbents Barbara Combs, a retired teacher, and Scott Trent, a teacher in the county school system.

Incumbent Gerald Trent was defeated, along with challenger Andrew Poe.

Phillips, Trent and Combs were sworn in by City Recorder Glenn Hutchens at the beginning of Tuesday’s BOE meeting.

RCS Director Rebecca Isaacs said, “On behalf of all staff and students at Rogersville City School, I join you in welcoming Mrs. Phillips to our table. It’s going to be a pleasure to work with her and to see her on this side of what happens at City School.”

BOE Chairman Reed Matney echoed Isaacs’ sentiments.

“You’ll see it’s different on this side,” Matney added. “We have an orientation we’re arranging to get together to help you in understanding some of the little things we (board members) take for granted.

“We work together as a team with the director and with the board, and it makes everything run smoothly.”

RCS director receives good reviews

Matney said, “I received (director) evaluations from all board members, and all of them met or exceeded expectations. And I shared those with Mrs. Isaacs at a meeting, and I just want to say we appreciate what you do.”

“There were so many adjectives and admonitions that it kind of gave a girl a big head for a little bit,” Isaacs replied. “But thank you so much for your extremely positive comments. It is my pleasure to serve as the director of Rogersville City School for the eighth year, going for number nine. ... I’ve said this so many times: I’m the envy of many a superintendent in Tennessee for the outstanding relationship I have with the Board of Education.”

Teacher safety training

RCS Principal Rhonda Winstead told the board that on Friday, Jan. 7, teachers returning from Christmas break heard a presentation from the Tennessee Department of Health’s Northeast Regional Health Office in Johnson City.

The name of the program was “You Are the Help Until Help Arrives,” which taught teachers and administrators what they can do to save students in case of a classroom emergency possibly involving a shooter.

Among the subjects discussed were how to remain calm while speaking to a 911 dispatcher; being aware of your surroundings and identifying safety issues; how to stop the bleeding, position and comfort the injured; and AED (automated external defibrillator) training.

At the conclusion of training, RCS received 85 tourniquet and bandage kits valued at $57 each which will be used to equip each classroom.

Successful basketball seasons

Isaacs reported to the BOE that both the boys and girls celebrated eighth grade night Monday with conference victories.

The girls defeated Holston Valley Middle 46-12, improving to 12-2 in the conference and 15-2 overall, and they enter the Big 3 Conference Tournament as the No. 2 seed.

The boys defeated Holston Valley Middle 46-40 to improve to 8-7 in the conference and 9-8 overall. 

Both teams have qualified for the TMSSA state tournament, which begins Jan. 19 at Volunteer High School.

More state funding

RCS received a revised BEP allocation from the state which added another $5,000 to school revenue.


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