SURGOINSVILLE — Surgoinsville City Attorney Joe May will draft a proposed on-premises beer ordinance for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to consider at its October meeting in response to a request Monday for a beer license from a pool hall proprietor.

Amanda Wolfe, who owns and operates the Rack ‘Em Up billiards parlor at 219 Route 346 on the far west end of town, attended Monday’s BMA meeting to seek information about how she can apply for an on-premises beer permit for her establishment.

May noted, however, that Surgoinsville doesn’t have an on-premises ordinance, and therefore doesn’t have the mechanism to vote for an on-premises beer permit at this time.

In fact, no business has ever had on-premises alcohol sales in the history of the municipality.

“I’m not just after anything mean”

“I’m not wanting a bar,” Wolfe told the BMA. “I don’t want a club.”

Wolfe noted that her business hosts APA (American Poolplayer Association) tournaments.

“I have men, women and children coming in to play in the tournaments,” Wolfe said. “I’m opening up a restaurant. I got my hood today (Monday). I’ve already sent my floor plan into the health department. That should show the city that I’m not just after anything mean. ... I would just like people to sit down and eat a home cooked meal, and maybe have a beer while they shoot pool.”

Wolfe added, “You can’t just walk in and sit down and drink all day. That’s not what I’m wanting. … I want you to come in and sit down and eat, or come in and shoot pool or sign up for APA.”

“I can maintain a decent place for the city”

“The state has provided for municipalities to permit on-premises consumption,” May said. “I looked at the Surgoinsville beer ordinance, and it doesn’t appear to provide a procedure for the Beer Board to issue an on-premises permit. I suspect that this is the first time anyone has ever asked for an on-premises permit.”

May added, “What we would have to do, if the board chooses to allow on-premises consumption of beer, is adopt an ordinance that sets a procedure by which the board can issue an on-premises permit. Right now all the Beer Board does is issue off-premises permits.”

Mayor Merrell Graham asked May to draft a proposed ordinance, and he anticipates the BMA will discuss it at next month’s meeting.

“I know you work hard at keeping a peaceful place,” Graham told Wolfe. “We’ll take this up, and we won’t drag our feet on it.”

Wolfe added, “I would like for you to give me the opportunity to show you I can maintain a decent place for the city of Surgoinsville.”