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WISE — A proposed 25-cents-per-pack hike on the Wise County cigarette tax died Thursday, but the Board of Supervisors got word of another revenue increase without a tax rate boost.

The board, with new members Tim Boardwine and Randy Carter replacing retiring supervisors Robbie Robbins and Bobby Cassell, voted 7-1 to reject the cigarette tax hike, with Supervisor Bob Adkins supporting the measure.

The increase, which County Administrator Mike Hatfield said would have generated an estimated $50,000 annually, would have applied only to stores outside municipal limits of the county’s six towns. He told the board that neighboring counties’ boards of supervisors have been in varying stages of considering their own 25-cent tax hikes on smokes.

Board Chairman J.H. Rivers, noting the concerns of several supervisors, said the tax could lead to county smokers going to neighboring counties to buy their cigarettes and possibly other items that they would buy in Wise County.

Commissioner of Revenue Doug Mullins brought news of real estate tax revenue as part of the recently completed countywide reassessment. That process helped the county realize 98% of the fair market value of all its residential and commercial real estate, he told the board.

The reassessment translates into an average 3% increase in property values, Mullins said, with most of that increase from residential structures’ values. He said there were “very few” increases in the value of commercial structures and a small increase in the value of renovated commercial structures.

In revenue terms, Mullins said, the county can expect a projected $300,000 annually in general fund revenue from the reassessment. As for the impact on taxpayers, he said a property valued at $100,000 would see its assessed tax increase from $690 to $710.

Mullions said the final run of reassessment notices was mailed to taxpayers Monday. The appeals process for property owners begins Jan. 18 and ends Feb. 17, he said, and owners can schedule appointments during that period if they want to contest their reassessments. Typically, anyone contesting a reassessment will get a ruling within a week to two weeks, he said.

Appeals of reassessment rulings can be filed with the county Board of Equalization starting March 7, Mullins said, and the Board of Supervisors has to appoint one member for each of the county’s four districts soon so they can get state Department of Taxation training before the appeals period starts.

In other business, the supervisors voted unanimously to petition the Wise County Circuit Court for a November 2022 special election to fill the unexpired term of former Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp III.

The term of Slemp, who resigned this week to become the state chief deputy attorney general under Attorney General-Elect Jason Miyares, would have expired in December 2023. Steven Davis, who announced his candidacy as a Republican nominee for the post, was sworn in as Interim Commonwealth’s Attorney Wednesday. Former assistant county prosecutor Brett Hall has also announced his run for the Republican nomination.

The board also approved a county school board resolution to spend $233,000 in federal COVID-19 relief money for a contract to design a two-part school renovation project. The contract would include a design for classroom, art and music spaces or other additions to Union Primary School along with restroom renovations at 10 of the county’s 13 schools and learning centers.

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