David Jenkins

David Jenkins

ROGERSVILLE — Among the nine candidates for six Rogersville alderman seats in the June 5 city election is David Jenkins, whose top goal if elected is to make upgrades in the Parks Department.

The alderman race features five incumbents and four challengers, including Jenkins. Although he would be a newcomer to the BMA, he is familiar with public service, having served on the Hawkins County Commission in the 1980s.

The Times News asked all nine candidates the same five questions and in the next few days will publish their responses as they are submitted.

Here’s are Jenkins’ responses:

Why did you decide to run for alderman?

I chose to run for alderman because I feel I have a lot to offer the citizens of my hometown. I worked for the Rogersville Police Dept. for 10 years and have lived here most of my life so I know this town and its citizens. In 1986, I was elected to the Hawkins County Commission which my district included all of the Town of Rogersville. I was chairman of the National Guard Committee and worked very hard to get the National Guard to come to Rogersville. I was also chairman of the Courthouse and Jail Committee and served on the Budget Committee. Using that knowledge and background I feel I can contribute to positive growth and the upkeep of our town.

Please list your educational and professional job background and describe what past experience, either employment, educational or life experience, will make you a better alderman.

I attended Rogersville City School and the old Rogersville High School. I worked for the Rogersville City Park as it was being built. I am very familiar with the history of the park and I remember when the park was named the best park in the state of Tennessee for a small town our size. I want to see our park back at that level of service in the very near future. As I stated before I worked for the RPD and that experience helped me to improve my communication skills and how to interact positively with the public I served. Later, I worked at Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport in the safety department and as a chemical operator and from that job I continued to grow my interpersonal skills. I am semi-retired and currently work at the Rogersville Post Office.

What would you like to accomplish as a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, and what are your top goals?

I would like to see equipment and staffing upgrades at the park to get it back to the level of prominence it once was. I want to commend all employees of the Town of Rogersville for the great job they do to continue municipal services like they do. They need to be taken care of in every way. I would also like to see the tax base of our city increase by recruiting and promoting more businesses and industries to locate here.

Is there anything you’d like to see the city and/or BMA do differently?

I will do a great job for the Town of Rogersville if given the opportunity. I am great at listening to and relating to the people in this town. I grew up here, worked here, and lived here most of my life. There is not a large amount of change that needs to take place but there are things that need improvement and maintenance and I would like to see that done in Rogersville.

Tell Rogersville voters why you should represent them on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

I feel I am the right person to be elected alderman because I will bring new ideas, if elected, to the town and follow up on ideas that might have been put on the back burner for some reason or another. I am excited and ready to serve the people of Rogersville if elected alderman. I appreciate your support and vote in the upcoming election.

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