Man faces felony charges after Kingsport pursuit

Jason R. Kreidler

A report of a man asleep in his vehicle in the middle of a Kingsport street led responding officers on a pursuit this past weekend, as the suspect allegedly drove through multiple stop signs, traffic signals and a "wooded area" before bailing from his SUV.After initially avoiding arrest, he was apprehend at a nearby pharmacy and transported back to a motel, where he had ditched his vehicle. That's where a witness positively identified the suspect — stating the unknown man attempted to hand him the car keys, requesting that he "hold them because he had to run."Jason R. Kreidler, 25, of 188 Bancroft Chapel Road, faces multiple charges in the incident including felony evading arrest and reckless driving. According to an arrest report at the Kingsport Police Department, the incident began at approximately 11:40 p.m. Friday.That's when a patrol officer was flagged down by a security guard at Model City Apartments on Stonegate Road and alerted to an Oldsmobile Bravada "stopped in the middle of the street." The officer was told that the operator appeared to be asleep and was possibly under the influence.Police report finding the SUV at the intersection of Stonegate Road and Lake Street. When the driver turned east onto Lake Street and began "swerving on the opposite side of the road," the officer activated emergency lights to initiate a stop.According to the police report, the driver — later identified as Kreidler — turned south onto Fairview Avenue and then right onto Mimosa Drive. Kreidler is alleged to have then accelerated and blasted through stop signs at two intersection, ending up back on Stonegate Road.Police say Kreidler ran another stop sign while turning back onto Lake Street, at which point he headed east at a "high rate of speed" and ran the red light at the intersection with Fairview Avenue. Kreidler then allegedly ran two more stop signs before turning onto Fain Avenue and then Mimosa, briefly accessing westbound Stone Drive.Kreidler is alleged to have immediately exited Stone Drive by turning right onto Morison Avenue, eventually arriving at a dead end on Hampton Avenue. Police say Kreidler then "drove through a wooded area" to access the driveway of a home on an adjacent street, at which time pursuing officers lost visual contact.While conducting a search of surrounding areas, an officer located the suspect vehicle behind the Super 8 motel on Lynn Garden Drive. A witness stated that he was outside when the SUV traveled "over the bank from Fain Avenue" and into the parking lot.According to statements to police, a white male exited and attempted to hand over his car keys, requesting that the witness "hold them because he had to run." When the man refused the alleged request, Kreidler reportedly stated that's OK, "he had forgotten his cigarettes anyway." Witnesses last spotted the suspect running around the corner of a building.A K-9 search briefly tracked the suspect, then lost the scent at a nearby creek. But at 2:25 a.m. Saturday police were alerted to their suspect possibly being at the nearby Walgreen's, 1420 W. Stone Drive.An arrest report says Kreidler was found outside of the store. He was then transported by an officer back to the motel on Lynn Garden Drive, where witnesses confirmed he was the man who had ditched the Oldsmobile in the parking lot.Kreidler was arrested and booked into the city jail. He was charged with driving on a suspended license, eight counts of failure to obey traffic control devices, felony evading arrest, and reckless driving.

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