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Michelle Donaldson suffered from addiction for 13 years, losing her home, her vehicles, family and friends. Her husband died from his addiction nearly four years ago. Thankfully, Donaldson got into a medically assisted treatment program and has now been clean for the past six months. Today, she is sharing her story in the hope of helping others with addiction.

ROAN MOUNTAIN — Michelle Donaldson lost everything to her addiction. Her home. Her job. Ties to family and friends were strained and severed.

She even lost her husband to addiction.

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Michelle got this heart tattoo on her ring finger after moving to Tennessee and after her husband Zach passed away.

Overdose Awareness Day 2021

Michelle Donaldson, a former addict who lost her husband to a drug overdose, spoke at the Overdose Awareness Day event in Kingsport on Tuesday. Donaldson shared part of her story of addiction, her treatment journey and her life in recovery.

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