Hazardous waste drop-off date scheduled for Scott County

GATE CITY — Scott County residents can drop off hazardous household waste from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 19 in the Gate City town parking lot on Water Street.

Bill Dingus is the county's public works director and says this annual event provides residents an opportunity to properly dispose of those items not accepted at the county's solid waste centers and transfer stations.

“We only do this once a year and we always a good response from this every year,” Dingus said. “Most of what is brought is recycled in some form or fashion and what’s not recycled is disposed of in a proper way. We encourage people to hang on to these hazardous waste items and not throw them in the manned sites. If you do throw them into the manned sites, they get mixed in with everything else and they’re not recycled or disposed of properly.”

Items accepted for disposal at the pickup event include aerosols, cleaners, acids, asbestos, adhesives, antifreeze, brake fluid, chemistry sets, fertilizer, driveway sealers, mercury products, herbicides, fungicides, latex- or oil-based paints, paint thinners, polishes, rust removers, weed killers, floor care products, glues, mothballs, poisons, varnish, stains, pool chemicals, kerosene and gasoline.

Items not accepted include used motor oil, tires, batteries, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, appliances, yard waste, medical waste, garbage, pesticide cylinders and unknown gas cylinders.

Dingus said various barrels and containers will be set up in the parking lot. Residents will enter the parking lot in their vehicles and someone will unload the waste items and place them in the proper containers.

This event is for Scott County household waste only.

For more information about small business waste, call MXI Environmental Services (276)628-6636.

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