EMA Distribution

(Left to right) Randy Price, Hawkins County EMA; Jamie Miller, Hawkins County EMA Director; Ronnie Lawson, Hawkins County Sheriff; Anthony Crosby, Cpl Hawkins county Sheriff; and Jim Lee, Hawkins County Mayor pose with AED devices at distribution.

ROGERSVILLE — The Hawkins County Emergency Management Agency has distributed approximately 70 new Zoll Fully Automatic Automated External Defibrillator Plus devices, paid for through a government support grant.

According to EMA director Jamie Miller, the new AED devices are to be placed in “county-owned vehicles, 911, public accessible county buildings and volunteer emergency agencies.”

Within the last week devices were distributed to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, Hawkins County EMA, Hawkins County Emergency Communications District, Hawkins County Emergency Response Team, city & county volunteer fire departments and both volunteer rescue squads.

“A goal of this project was for this donation to provide a more feasible option for the volunteer departments to be able to join the Hawkins County Cardiac Emergency Response Program, or to become a full first response agency,” Miller said.

Miller said that he is grateful that he got to play a role in this project and believes that these materials will save lives in the community.

“I am grateful the Hawkins County Emergency Management Agency was able to play a small role in this project,” Miller said. “Thanks to the Mayor’s staff for their work on this project. Having a background as a Paramedic, I know the need for these AED devices and trauma kits in our community. Through the years, numerous lives will be saved with this equipment and response programs.”

This donation project was funded by the Hawkins County Commission which obtained the funds necessary to cover the costs from the Governors Local Government Support Grant. The devices cost around $100,000.

In addition to the AED devices, Zoll Compact Trauma Kits were distributed to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office at no additional cost. The EMA was also able to distribute a few mass casualty trauma kits also at no cost.

The compact trauma kits include: a permanent marker, a SOF-T Wide tourniquet, a Multi-user license for the Mobilize Rescue app, a 4" emergency trauma dressing, a QuikClot bleeding control dressing, a Hyfin chest seal, a CPR face shield with bite block, an emergency space Mylar blanket, a set of trauma shears and eight pairs of nitrile gloves.

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