Editorial: Help Hunger First help our city’s homeless

Kingsport resident Sara Buchanan and her husband, Jeremiah Maurer, own the building at the corner of Myrtle and Oak that houses Hunger First. Wanting to help Hunger First, she moved back to Kingsport earlier this year after living abroad the past 20 years as a diplomat with the State Department. She and her husband purchased the Hunger First building in March 2018 to prevent the organization from being evicted.

KINGSPORT — Hunger First has seen quite a bit of activity in recent weeks. Its director was arrested, a protest was held in his support, and there’s been an increased police presence along Myrtle and Oak streets in response to neighbors’ concerns.

People have spoken out on social media in support of Hunger First; others have come before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen thanking the police for their efforts. There is much passion on both sides.

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