Bacon shortage spurs attempted strangulation of brother

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Jan. 21

Officers were called to an East Stone Drive market after an unspecified “altercation” between a clerk and customer. According to the employee, the patron “got upset and got in his face,” then punched him in the abdomen. The alleged assault was witnessed by a coworker, but the suspect had fled prior to police arrival.

Jan. 23

An occupant of an East Stone Drive motel locked herself in a bathroom and called police, stating that a burglar “busted out the window” and was trying to get inside. A responding officer identified the commotion she had misidentified: “A large amount of ice” had fallen from the roof to the ground.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 21

A female ran to a neighbor’s house to seek shelter from her boyfriend, stating he had beaten her with an electrical cord. Responding officers observed welts on her arms and neck. The suspect refused to answer knocks on his door. Police announced themselves and forced entry, finding the man lying on a bed. He was arrested for assault and evading arrest.

Jan. 22

— A woman reported phone harassment from a female with whom she formerly went to church, saying the suspect regularly calls her at 2 a.m.

— After starting a relationship via Facebook with a man in California, a Rogersville woman told police that she wants the man to stop contacting her. He reportedly sends her texts “to get her to send nude images of herself.”

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 22

A motorist on Hickory Tree Road asked that police check on a woman whom he had provided a ride, as she “was talking about killing someone.”

Jan. 24

On Shipley Ferry Road, a woman returned home from work to find “multiple small baggies on her front porch.” A responding officer confiscated the baggies as evidence, finding they contained a pill and white residue.

Jan. 25

Corrections officers broke up a fight in a cell at the county jail, where one man stood over another and “hit him repeatedly.” Both inmates refused to prosecute, chalking up the incident to “horseplay that had escalated.”

Jan. 26

At 1:30 a.m., police were called to an assault off White Top Road, where a man trying to make a sandwich found “all of the bacon was gone but one piece.” When the 44-year-old confronted his brother, 37, about the missing pork, his sibling slapped him into a staircase, then tried to strangle him as he crawled away. Two additional family members intervened in the attack, but the suspect reportedly pushed them both down and made threats to kill his brother. Police observed injuries to the complainant and blood on the stairs, prompting the other man’s arrest.